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新学期伊始, 北京威力塔斯 师生相聚,兴致盎然!

At the beginning of the new semester, teachers and students get together with great interest!


  On the night of the school open day, teachers and students from home and abroad introduced each other. The foreign teachers used humorous language to create a relaxed atmosphere for the students, and also let children have a deep understanding toward the teachers for the first time. Both chinese and foreign teachers are the family members who will accompany our children to grow up in the next few years.


  After the meeting of teachers and students, several students representatives shared their summer life with other students. Some students took advantage of the summer vacation to travel abroad with their bags, understanding the culture of a foreign country, broadening their horizons, and sharing the fun of the trip; Some students used the summer vacation to walk in the countryside, doing volunteer job,enhancing their sense of responsibility...... Students listened carefully, from time to time also put forward their own questions, happy interaction on and off the stage, exchanging ideas with great benefit.

  周一集会是本学年第一次集会, Kelsor老师郑重介绍并欢迎新同学的加入!“没有规矩不成方圆”,随后认真宣读了学校的学生管理规定,向同学们介绍了正确的校服着装,要求同学们严格遵守校规校纪,保障学习任务顺利完成。会上,教务丁老师向同学们介绍了学校自习课的相关规定并对同学们提出学习期望。学生会主席句卓轩在会上提出纳新倡议,希望大家积极参加,并一一介绍了学生会成员!

  Monday's assembly was the first time of the school year. Mr Kelsor introduced and welcomed the new students. “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”, then he read out the students’ management rules including the correct uniforms, asking students to strictly abide the school rules and regulations, to ensure the smooth completion of learning tasks. During the meeting, Ms Ding introduced the relevant provisions of self-study class to the students and put forward learning expectations to them. Mr.Ju Zhuoxuan, as the president of the Student Union, put forward the recruitment initiatives at the meeting, wish everyone to actively participate, and introduced the members of the Student Union one by one!


  On Wednesday afternoon, Veritas club recommendation meeting was held with great enthusiasm. This semester with a total of 14 clubs: MUN club, volunteer club, dance club, tea club, gym club, band club, art club, board game club, and so on, in order to attract more students to join their club, both Chinese and foreign teachers have tried their best to show their corporate culture and characteristics to attract the attention of the students. With previous experiences, most students can quickly determine their major interests, while some students paced back and forth, because there were so many clubs that they were interested in, therefore it was difficult to choose. Such a hard recommendation, it was really like a wonderful “Hundred-Regiment Campaign”!


  The first mentor-mentee conversation of the new academic year was carried out smoothly on Thursday evening as usual. The purpose of the mentor-mentee system is making the foreign teachers and students communicate with each other, knowing each other,very well and helpping students to solve the problems on study and growth, life and learning. Students are not willing to talk with their parents about some topics which will be shared with foreign teachers, so that mentor-mentee system will escort children’s growth!


  All subjects are on the right track this week. Diversified desks’ style and teachers' diversified teaching methods have been one of the characteristics of our school. Come and feel our class!

  体育课也是我们最为重视的课程,各项运动如火如荼地进行,特别是新开的足球课,专业的教练、专业的场地,专注的你们!本周末也是各体育俱乐部(网球、游泳、篮球、足球)开训第一节课, 相信你们能坚持到底!

  Physical education is also the most important course for us. All kinds of sports are carried out in full swing, especially the newly football class with professional coaches, professional venues, and attentive children ! This weekend is also the first training class of sports clubs (tennis, swimming, basketball, football). I believe you can hold on straight to the end!


  Well begun is half done, I believe you have won half success! Come on, youths!